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 Kick-Ass the movie

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That Guy
That Guy

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PostSubject: Kick-Ass the movie   Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:16 pm

Hay its MMDD and Im here to talk about the movie Kick-Ass

Ok i seen this movie the day it came out and it had good action but it also had relley good funny parts to. When it first started it had funny right off the bat it was similar to the comic but on his mask the mouth i dont know ive never read the comic. I just looked it up right as im wrighting this so but it is relley good. I would not take a little kid to see it because there is blood,bad words,and sex. But if your like me and dont give a shit about that then I would go see it.

I give this movie two middle fingers up! cheers
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PostSubject: Re: Kick-Ass the movie   Sat Apr 17, 2010 10:48 pm

I haven't seen it yet, but i really want to. It seems like a good idea for a movie :p


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Kick-Ass the movie
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