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 How the Animation Forum works...

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PostSubject: How the Animation Forum works...   Sat Feb 13, 2010 4:46 pm

If you've ever been on an animation forum before, you don't really need to read this.


-Post animations that YOU have made on a thread. To start a thread, scroll to the bottom of the "Animation" forum page, and click "Post new topic"

-Include information about your animations, what rank people consider you, and how long you've been animating.

-Post your animations in an easy-to-look-at format. Use the BB code options at the top off the "Post New Topic" page to make your thread look more appealing.

-On other people's threads, post constructive criticism or positive remarks on their animations.

-You can ask for "Courtesy", so the other person can return the favor and post about your animations (much like how Darkdemon works).

-Do not steal other people's animations and say they are your own. That is against U.S. law.

These are just tips to making a good thread. They aren't really rules (Except the "no stealing" thing...). Except you should follow them as best as you can.
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How the Animation Forum works...
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