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PostSubject: Forum Rules *READ BEFORE POSTING*   Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:40 am

These rules apply to EVERY forum on this website, unless rule exceptions are stickied on the specific forum they apply to. Do not feel overwhelmed by the rules. Most of them you don't have to think about following, it's just common sense.

Standard Rules

1. No illegal material or pornographic material are to be linked or uploaded.

2. No Flaming or Trolling:

3. No hate groups or racism are allowed.

4. No excessive posting of messages only a few words long. Examples: "k", "got it", "uh huh", "LOLWTFBBQ", ect.

5. No spamming.

6. All advertisement should be kept within your signature.

7. All site inqueries should be directed at me or another administrator. Moderators do not have the power to edit the website.

8. Do not spam a mod/admin's PM box with useless questions, but don't be afraid to ask for help.

9. A legal notice will be soon made to counter the "h4cking" instead of 'hacking" rule. Please use "h4cking" until further notice.

10. No links or uploads of potentially harmful or offending material.

11. Links to your YouTube page and other websites like it are okay, but keep in mind rules 5 and 6.

12. Do not double post excessively, just edit your previous post. Exception: Updates in the "Creation" category. You can double post if your post contains new material.

13. Do not bump threads without a good reason.

14. Begging to be a mod or admin will get you a 48 hour ban. Asking excessively will result in a permanent IP ban. You can ask ONCE via PM, but if you get denied, forget it. Then you need a recommendation.

15. No avatar should be very noticeable. Stay away from looping or large avatars, or they may get removed.

16. When posting, always try to stay on topic.

17. Please speak in English, and be understandable.

18. Cussing/swearing/cursing/"bad words" are perfectly fine. Keep rule 2 in mind.

19. Do not request any major site changes. Suggestions are fine, but keep them small.

20. Follow all of ForumMotion's rules.

21. Just because a rule is not specified in this thread does not mean it's not a rule. Use common sense.

22. ALWAYS read forum specific rules.

23. Do not complain about the rules.

24. Do not upload attachments too often. Storage is very limited.

25. Absolutely no distracting or "overly-fancy" HTML is allowed.

26. You may not register more than one account without permission.

I also suggest reading the FAQ.
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